Friday, 7 March 2014

ChiddleWaddle DiddleWaddle Doo

Splat Splat a huge fat bat
Pluck pluck a duck called Buck
Punch Punch all your food Lunch
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle Doo
Cluck cluck in the Mucky muck
Loop loop around your gross soup
Pat pat a viscous cat
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle Doo
Scoop scoop some gross smelling poop
Meet meet a guy called Pete
Eat eat a hunk of meat
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle Doo
Chat chat with a talking rat
Eat eat some smelly pig feet
Jump jump on a flaming rubbish dump
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle Doo
Run run on a jelly bun
Talk talk to a weird looking hawk
Eat eat some dragon meat
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle 
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle
ChiddleWaddle  DiddleWaddle Doo!

By Liam A

W.A.L.T Use rhyme patterns effectively

1 comment:

  1. Scoop Scoop some gross smelling poop??? Liam you certainly took that crazy poem to the gutter! Remember the layout of the poem should miss lines after the CWDW Doo part so it makes it easy to read.