Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bookapedia T1 Wonder

After reading wonder what questions do you have for RJ Palacio?

Who were the characters based on?
If your an illustrator why did you choose to write a book?
Does any parts of the book relate to your life?
Why did you choose to do Justin's part of the book in lower case and poorly punctuated?
Why did you choose the characters personalities the way you did them?
Why did you choose Auggie to write about when there heaps of kids with disabilities?
What did you want your readers reaction to be after reading this book? 
Will you write another book?
If you had to change something in your book what would it be?
After writing the book what things have you learnt about yourself that you did know?

WALT: use various sources of information
SC: use prior knowledge and the text to form logical opinions.
I thought of interesting questions to ask. By choosing these questions I would find out a lot more about the behind the scene information and help me to understand the writers message.

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