Sunday, 6 April 2014

Camp Recount Earth boards Drafts

Draft 1

The Hooter Goes, its time to go to my next activity, Earth Boards. I have been scared of hurting myself for ages, I am mainly scared because I have seen all the other people's bruises. They are nasty!   I am also extremely excited because my friends have told me they had an awesome time and I have seen Zach go down screaming like a deranged maniac.
We reach the gravel driveway the boards look like skateboards except bigger and with giant tyres also they look kinda unstable, That makes nervous times 100 more.
Emma gives us some instructions on how to ride them " Now some of the boards will be perfect and drive how you want them some will just go straight some of them will get annoyed and go wherever they want, be careful."
She hands us a board each and gives a demonstration on how to turn and go faster "sounds simple enough" I reassure myself
I take a board they are quite big, bigger than a a skateboard, I place the earth board on the grass and roll down the green hill and sart to roll down down down the hill picking up speed I am getting faster by the second I put my feet down to stop me board suddenly turns and going down the hill, SIDEWAYS suddenly I am screaming WAHHHHHHHHHH! Until I stop every body is laughing, including Emma, they must think I did it on purpose. Although I was scared it was fun and gave a sense of adventure.
So I decide to go up a step, By that I mean go up more, I'm goanna go faster and further. I sit down on the board and it starts to roll down the hill, without my permission I try to put my feet down but the gravel just rolls out of my way, as I pick up speed, I can feel the board laughing I going really fast now it turns and I just about fly strait into Alex Iam on the grass now, I'm praying to god not for me to crash. Suddenly I stop I am at the helicopter pad. I decide to start back at the start. But standing up!
I take my board back to the start I stand on my board and suddenly I'm on my knees going down the hill... Backward. But this is fun!

Draft 2

The hooter goes, loudly, It's time for my next activity. Earthboards. Scared yet so excited I make my way over to the gravel driveway. I remember seeing Zach go down the hill screaming like a deranged maniac. But Fergus came back with a nasty bruise. I'm sort of wanting a little bruise to put some more excitement into it but I don't want a broken leg... Emma tells us to take a board each. 
"You must lean back on the boards like a Lazy Boy Chair to stop or slow down put your feet down on the gravel. Now you must be careful of the boards that turn and act as if they are a rhino with an itchy bum, also there are some boards that will go straight and be very independent now take a board and ride!
I place my board on the grass I sit down and I to roll down the hill, I go over a bump just about get a heart attack, I put my feet down but my board has other plans, It quickly swerves as I am now going down the hill sideways suddenly I am screaming, loudly. I put my feet down again and I start to slow down which means the worst is over. But I am so wrong about that!
I take the board up to the hill and sit down I go down, so far so good suddenly I swerve, watch out Alex I scream out

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