Monday, 9 June 2014

Writing sample

WALT: craft an explanation with body paragraphs that include: the main point, evidence (facts etc.), explanation of the evidence, linking sentences and style/Inform

We had to write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.
We are publishing a piece of writing to our blog to share at our student led conference in week 6.

Do you have any idea what potential energy is? How about kinetic? No, okay first let me tell you about Potential energy.

Potential is energy ready to move. If there is a pen on the table it's just sitting there doing nothing, it has no energy... until you pick it up you are giving it potential energy because now It has the potential to do something. A bit like how you have the potential to do something awesome!

Now Kinetic, Kinetic comes after potential. Remember when you picked up the pen? It was at its potential stage. Now you throw it across the room. Yes you get in trouble but also the pen uses up the potential energy turning it into kinetic, allowing it to move across the room it also allows you to get in trouble.

Here is another example of potential and kinetic energy. There is a car at the top of a hill no energy, you walk up to it and shove it starts with potential ends with kinetic. (or an explosion!)

Potential and kinetic energy are two very similar things yet very different. It's a bit like me giving you a brainstorm then you turning it into something great!
You give something potential and it turns the potential into kinetic energy.

I like my writing but I could have done my writing a bit longer -Me

 Great job Liam A. Really love how you explained potential and kinetic energy. -JP

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