Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Learning Pit

WALA: The Learning Pit

Description: We have been learning about when good learning happens.  

Task: Share what you know about the learning pit.
Draw the Learning Pit.

List at least 3 feelings that you might have when you are in the pit.

List at least 3 strategies that you could use to get out of the pit.

Label where good learning happens.

List 3 things you could say to yourself when you are in the pit.

Reflect on a time when you have been in the pit. I was making a movie for the divi awards and the green screen wouldn't work, I didn't give up although I was very frustrated and tired.
How did you feel when you were in the pit?  Frustrated, when I got out of the pit it was like 20 bricks fell off my back.
What did you do to work out of the pit? Believed in myself by telling myself you can do this you won't give up. Researched techniques.

This is a good poster although you could have used more time to colour it in😄-William

I feel I did great on this all though I could have put more effort into the colouring to make it stand out.

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  1. Are you putting yourself in the pit with your evaluations too?