Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Amazing Master Fox

Here is a snippet of my writing that I have been planning so I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: There is a fox with a bag on his head

Once every day Kendall Fox sat down in his tree-room to read, 

Kendall loves books maybe just as much as he would like a friend, he has tried to get one person to be his friend but everyone he asked just turned a cold shoulder on him, He was unfortunately a social outcast. He would ask for a game of cards with his father but even his father was to busy to give him time, fortunately he had a nice monkey maid who brought him books from the library and gave him swinging and gymnastics lessons. Kendall was terrific at swinging in the nearby forest in fact it was so near he could jump out his window and catch a branch. He then would swing up to the top of the tree to his platform to read a book. Kendall had an amazing sense of balance and direction however He hardly ever left the treehouse unless he wanted to return or issue a book, he would always go alone but he would wear a paper bag on his head so he wouldn’t get spotted.

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