Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Childhood Memories

Purpose: To share memories about my childhood

Description: We wrote a story using a format starting with remember to explain memories from our childhood here is mine:
Remember I pulled together all of the timber in dads cluttered shed, I stole the barbecue cover, my mini tramp and blankets and sheets and Renae's carseat I started to build until I had made a spaceship so well built I could go to mars. I prepared for launch as I called for Renae to hop in. My ridiculously inexperienced loyal companion hopped onto the pillow behind me. 

Remember, me opening the shuttle's airlock only to be greeted by a martian that had my own mother I was scared out of my little blonde hair, I raced back to the space ship but the soothing voice of alien drew me back I was surprised of the similarity between earth and mars.

That was my inter-galactic adventure!

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