Tuesday, 16 June 2015

ET Reo Reflection

ET Reo is a thing we do in the afternoon on Mondays at the moment we learn about lunch box te reo which is all the things in our lunch box translated into maori.

The task was to create A video showing that we liked or disliked some food, I was successful because the video had all the things we needed.

Feedback: I really like how you have pretended you where the which and also how you have pronounced the words.

Feedforward:Next time you could add more detail to your description and big idea

Evaluation: I think we could have made it a little longer but at least we did all of the things that were required.


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  2. Liam, I think if you guys did your normal voice it would have been easier to understand, but I see what you guys were going for. A few more conversations would have also helped.