Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

My Goal in Reading is Comprehension. In Reading we have been going to workshops based on our goal. We did a star test at the start of last term and from that we chose our goal either reading Comprehsion or expanding vocabulary. Comprehension or Expanding Vocabulary. We have 2 Workshops a week for half a hour. We also have one Gym session which goes for one hour. There are two hours a day and 3 days for a week. When we don't have a workshop or Gym we do a tic tac toe activity.

Success Criteria:
- Text to Text When you make a Text to Text connection you relate two bits of text together
- Text to Self  is where you make a connection that is in the story and in the story
- Text to World When you make a Text to World connection you relate something in the text to something that's happened in the world

Evaluation: I think I did quite well choosing my words carefully and my drawing totally RAD!!

Feedback: I really like how you added lot of information to everything. -Mitchell

Feedforward: Next time you could work on making the picture more easy to read.-Mitchell

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  1. A great post Liam, that sure is an awesome drawing. Is it Skullduggery Pleasant? The connections are a little hard to read, maybe you could have gone over them in pen to make them stand out a little more or take a better photo.