Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Science Portfolio Sample

Every Thursday we have science when we started we had three tasters Suzanne, ebony and Troy. The digestive system Animal Adaptations and Food Chains. After the tasters we chose our first and second choice of what we would stick with for the rest of the term I chose troy and the food chains for my first and the digestive system with Suzanne for my second I got my first choice!


A couple of weeks ago we made a poster to display how the food in our lunch box was made I did an extra thing in my lunch... THE SPOON I think spoons are very important, we found out that no matter what everything came back to the sun.

Evaluation: I think my lines are pretty clear and my pictures well I am especially fond of the cows I drew the yogurt I think it is well placed but I think I can do better with lines and making them more tidy.

Feedback: I really like how you added lots of detail to your description.

Feedforward: Next time you could make your pictures bigger and your words bigger on your poster.

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  1. Liam, I really appreciate the effort that you went into with the breaking down of each of the items in your lunchbox. It is great to see the learning that went on behind everything.