Thursday, 20 August 2015

Production: Wearable Art

For production this year our overall theme is Life. We are all split into 3 different groups. I am in Elements with Troy, my other options were Heroes and Villains with Rebecca or Out of Africa with Kate. In elements we had to choose out of four elements what we wanted to do, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. I am doing water.

Here is my mood board. 
Feedback/Feedforward: i really like your thinking your thinking out of the box i like your cultural thinking. But you need to use other patterns like fizz and Pisaz. nice work. -Jett

So far what I have done is at home I have been making an old man mask to show that the sea (my conscript is the sea now) is really old I will also spray paint popcorn to demonstrate coral. I have completed the end of my trident and have found some cardboard tubes to stick it onto.

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  1. Liam, I can't wait to see the rest of the images of your garment, I know it will look awesome on the night and I hope you can duck away for 5 minutes when you are recording to come and show your hard work off. Make sure you catch up with this post before sharing your amazingness with Mum and Dad.