Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reverse it Up

For literacy we have 9 tasks called tic tac toes. We are all sorted into two groups questioning and summarizing I am in questioning. For this task we had name atleast 10 things a computer can't do.



3)Feed you 

4)Fly by itself

5)Contract disease

6)Function without energy

7)Grow facial hair

8)Swim freestyle

9)Be bowling ball

10)Float by itself

11)Be a dentist

12)survive lava

13)Have earwax

14)Be a pirate


15)Grow a monobrow

16)Play sport

17)Commit suicide

18)Physically knit

19)Build a house

20)Physically Use a computer

21)Physically use a bathroom 

22)Physically read a book

23)Physically Evacuate the building

24)Grow a ponytail

25)Physically cause global warming

26)Use a porta potty

27)Physically play the saxophone

Big Idea: We are learning to question the text this task helps us because we are questioning the computers abilities.

Feedback: I really like how you have explained everything and the fact that you have done more than the 20.-William
Feedfoward I really like how you have 27 things but since you are so close to 30 try go for 30.

Evaluation: I did well with my creative ideas but I probably could have had more on the list also I needed to put myself in the learning pit more.

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  1. Liam, your ideas are well thought out and I can see that you were striving for creativity, but it is awesome to see that you have acknowledged that you could have put yourself in the learning pit more to generate some even better responses.