Sunday, 13 September 2015

Maori Portfolio Sample

Description: On Monday we do Maori work our task was to make a poster that had the Maori body parts then we turned the poster into a movie Mitchell and I chose to use puppet pals.

Big Idea: We had the English words and the translation in Maori

Feedback:I think you did a really good time you could put more body parts in.

Evaluation: I think our movie was great I liked how we used different voices but we could have made it longer.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Passion Project Term 3

Every Thursday we have passion projects dram or pop art. I am doing passion project with Suzanne I started with pop art then moved to passion project. My passion project is the Enviroteers the Enviroteers are group consisting of 3 leaders and a child from almost every classroom the children from the classes report what we discussed at the meeting. So far we are taking out the rubbish bins for a week, handing out notices, cleaning up and raising awareness. Pop Art with Kate is where we had to find a picture then turn it into a stencil then copy it four times then paint it with clashing colours.

Big Idea: we hope to see the school as an eco friendly school with little to no rubbish.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have done well with almost whole thing you are changing lots of people in the school and there's a lot less rubbish around the school I think you could work on getting your team more on to it.-Thomas

Evaluation: My group and I worked well together but we need to be more on to it.

Maths Sample

For Maths we had two tasks where we had to show two strategys for each one.

Big Idea: We are learning to use more strategys and work with decimals.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did well on explaining it. Next time you could make some of the words or numbers clearer.

Evaluation:I definitely think I improved on my handwriting but should have taken a shorter amount of time to get them done.