Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Passion Project Term 3

Every Thursday we have passion projects dram or pop art. I am doing passion project with Suzanne I started with pop art then moved to passion project. My passion project is the Enviroteers the Enviroteers are group consisting of 3 leaders and a child from almost every classroom the children from the classes report what we discussed at the meeting. So far we are taking out the rubbish bins for a week, handing out notices, cleaning up and raising awareness. Pop Art with Kate is where we had to find a picture then turn it into a stencil then copy it four times then paint it with clashing colours.

Big Idea: we hope to see the school as an eco friendly school with little to no rubbish.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have done well with almost whole thing you are changing lots of people in the school and there's a lot less rubbish around the school I think you could work on getting your team more on to it.-Thomas

Evaluation: My group and I worked well together but we need to be more on to it.

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  1. You have only been part of the Passion project programme for a couple of weeks so it is important you also include your other Thursday afternoon learning this term. Your blog is a wonderful opportunity to share with a wider audience your passion and process. Perhaps you could include some of the progress you have made, and some of the plans you have for the future.