Monday, 26 October 2015

Reading Follow-Up

  • “Rezza knew her life was harsh and the Aggers lives weren’t much better, but at least everyone knew their place.” How do you think people’s acceptance of their place in life plays in the hands of people who have power? 
The guards would have total control because nobody wants to challenge them, they all know their place.

  • When the rebels blew up the mugatyl pipeline, Boyd said “How satisfied the rebels must be.” (Pg 41) What can you make about Boyd’s view of the rebel activity after making this statement?
She thinks the rebels will be happy their operation had succeeded. I also think Boyd is in favour of the rebels

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pre Reading Task and Prediction

Cover: I think the guards may be angry and since they look so futuristic I would assume that they are in the future. I am curious to know who is in the wrong is it the girl or the robots chasing her? I wonder what a date of origin is.

Blurb: Well it turns out that it is in the present times, I wonder why they have weird names normaly people don't name their child Boyd. I wonder how the guards came to rule the world, I wonder what an agger. I think the rebels are going to blow up the guards. #EXPLOSION

Title: Date of Origin is a strange title that does not let you know much but it definitely hooked me in!

Prediction: I think the story will be set in a city because of the alleyways also there will be not much food which is why they hunt but a robot dog is pretty cool, I suspect that Rezza will encounter emotional problems like having one of the main characters taken by the guards.