Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pre Reading Task and Prediction

Cover: I think the guards may be angry and since they look so futuristic I would assume that they are in the future. I am curious to know who is in the wrong is it the girl or the robots chasing her? I wonder what a date of origin is.

Blurb: Well it turns out that it is in the present times, I wonder why they have weird names normaly people don't name their child Boyd. I wonder how the guards came to rule the world, I wonder what an agger. I think the rebels are going to blow up the guards. #EXPLOSION

Title: Date of Origin is a strange title that does not let you know much but it definitely hooked me in!

Prediction: I think the story will be set in a city because of the alleyways also there will be not much food which is why they hunt but a robot dog is pretty cool, I suspect that Rezza will encounter emotional problems like having one of the main characters taken by the guards.

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