Sunday, 15 November 2015

Date of Origin

  • What connections do you think the author wants you to make to phrases such as “herded into transit wagons and transported to camps”? (Pg.46) I think the author is writing it and relating it to WW2
  • How do you think Kesai feels about her future as her Date of Origin approaches? How would you respond if you were in that situation? I would join the rebels and beat the gaurds quickly so my date of origin doesn't come.
  • What do you think happens when people turn into Aggers and are programmed to work in the mugatyl industry? I think because of their little barcode thing it would take over the brain and go straight to a guard outpost so the guard would transform you

  • What questions do you have about the book from what you have read so far? How did the guards take over so quickly and why didnt earths defences like launch a nuclear missile at the guards?

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