Thursday, 10 December 2015


For Inquiry we had different choices . In Joy's inquiry we did some gardening and science it was fun.

What did you accomplish? We made the garden behind the library much more pretty.

Why did you chose Joy's inquiry? I chose Joy's because I enjoy science and I would have time to work on the enviroteers project.

How will your inquiry impact the future? All classes will have their own garden and a more beautiful spot to do things in.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


What I did for writing was cinquains and Free Verse free verse is a poem with no rules and a cinquain has 2 syllables then 4 syllables then 6 syllables the 8 syllables then some ting describing the first line. We had to design a slide to go in a sort of poutama magazine.

I think my poems are the best I have done and I have definitely thought outside of the box with using topics no one else thought of.

Date of Origin

  • Why do you think the author kept back till now the information about the role that Rezza’s father played in searching for ways to overthrow the Guards? (Pg.96) because the information might have been dangerous to anybody who knew it so he kept to himself
  • Serge is revealed as a spy for the Guards by his glowing fingernail. (Pg.104) Did you predict this? Why? Why not? What signs have there been? He was much too edgy and I saw that he was spying but I only suspected it then the fingernail gave him away.
  • Why do you think the cake tin is so important in the battle to overcome the Guards? because the cake tin probably has some sort of chemical or explosive element that is set off by the guards molecular structure, maybe.